Wagner's Parsifal - due for release 7th May 2020

‘Wagner’s Parsifal – The Music of Redemption’ 

This short but penetrating book, by a writer who was uniquely both a leading philosopher and musicologist, shows us how Wagner achieves this profound work, explaining the story, its musical ideas, and their coming together into a sublime whole which gives us the musical equivalent of forgiveness and closure. There are few writers who can so enhance our understanding of one of the greatest works in western music.

Reviews - 

Scruton is one of the finest philosopher-musicians since Schopenhauer. Jonathan Gaisman, Standpoint

Highly original and penetrating ... he writes about the music authoritatively but comprehensibly... lucidly, cogently and even entertainingly. Tim Blanning, Literary Review

A brilliant gallop through the master's religious, musical and philosophical contexts. Sue Prideaux, Spectator

After reading this book, only the most unadventurous reader would turn down the chance to see Wagner's masterpiece. Economist

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