Dr. Mark Dooley - Thoughts from a Life: A Man of Letters

There is a strange feature of Roger Scruton’s life that not many people appreciate. Of all the writers that impressed him, the one that he admired most was the leftist luminary Jean Paul Sartre. He wrote scathingly of Sartre’s philosophy, most especially in Modern Philosophy: An Introduction and Survey and Fools, Frauds and Firebrands. However, Sartre’s ability to steer seamlessly between genres served as a model for Roger’s own literary achievements. In our book Conversations with Roger Scruton, he describes Sartre as a ‘great literary figure’, and it was, he says, ‘a tribute to France that so many people thought that his death marked the end of an era and a moment of real cultural loss.’

Read the full article HERE on the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation website.

RSLF December Projects

We are delighted to share the news of the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation. This month they have launched  two projects. The first is the 2-3-4 Campaign, which is an effort to raise $35,000 to fund: two full ride scholarships (travel included) to the Scrutopia Summer School, three online seminars; and four online reading groups.

The second is the Thoughts from a Life series, which is a series of 500-word blog posts on the Foundation's website featuring senior figures and intellectuals from around the world on different aspects of Roger's life and thought. Last week, Mark Dooley began the series with a piece on Roger as a Man of Letters and this past Monday's piece was from Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Roger and the West. The next post will be on Friday, which will be a piece from Ryszard Legutko on Roger in Central Europe. 



News from Scrutopia - 30th November 2020

Read all the lastest news from Scrutopia HERE.

The Philosopher of the Small World - American Compass, Nov 20

Johan Wenstromm in his piece ‘The Philosopher of the Small World’ suggests that there is much in Roger’s philosophy that will bring us happiness and encouragement even in the quieter times forced on us by the pandemic.

A Moveable Feast - National Review, Nov 20

John O'Sullivan writes for the National Review. Click HERE to read the full article. 

Last week a unique but apposite tribute was paid in Budapest to the late Sir Roger Scruton, the distinguished Tory philosopher who died earlier this year: A café was opened in his name. It goes under the designer label “Scruton—The Place to be” and is situated three blocks from the Hungarian Parliament at 10 Zoltan Street. It’s the first of several such cafes. A second has already opened in the city center, at least technically, and will open its doors in reality when the COVID restrictions are lifted. Several more are planned for Hungarian university towns where their natural clientele is likely to be found (until about three every morning if my own university life is any precedent).

Scruton Cafe Opening Panel Discussion

On Monday 16th, the Scruton Cafe in Budapest was opened. A panel discussion about the work and legacy of Sir Roger Scruton was recorded and can be viewed online here. The participants in the conversation are British conservative author and journalist, Douglas Murray, Visiting fellow at the Danube Institute, Ferenc Hörcher, Director of the Research Institute for Politics and Government, and John O’Sullivan, president of the Danube Institute. The discussion was moderated by journalist Boris Kalnoky, head of the Media School of Mathias Corvinus Collegium. The event was co-organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium and Scruton Community Space. 


Wanderlust - An Interview with Alicja Gescinska (2016)

This highly recommended interview from Alicja Gescinska was recorded in 2016 and is now available again online.  You will have to register, but it is free. The Wanderlust episode was filmed at home, at Scrutopia.


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RSLF: an Interview with Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

On November 10, 2020, the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation hosted the third interview of its online event series Building Beautiful. The event featured Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk—Founding Principal of DPZ CoDesign, cofounder of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and past Driehaus Prize Laureate—in conversation with the Foundation's Senior Fellow in the Built Environment Samuel Hughes. 

The interview can be viewed HERE

Lorca Songs performed by Kristi Bryson & Katalin Csillagh - 1 Oct 20

Following the online conference on 1 Octobers, Roger's Lorca songs were performed by Kristi Bryson and Katalin Csillagh. 

These can be viewed on the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation YouTube page or clicking the links below


Cancion de Jinete

Casida de la Rosa

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